Vacation in Denmark

“Denmark is one of the most family friendly countries in the world. Children are more than welcome and many tourist attractions have made special workshops and exhibitions for children.”

Vacation in Denmark

To make your vacation in Denmark a success, the tour guide “Eddie the Sea Dragon” is a great help and inspiration. See, Explore and Learn. Eddie the Sea Dragon has a good eye for what children like to see, and he knows a lot about Denmark. Discover among others:

What a Danish viking king and Bluetooth technology has in common.
Answer: Bluetooth technology was named after the Danish viking king Harald Bluetooth, due to his communication skills
What the famous Danish fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen and Walt Disney got out of a trip to the amusement park Tivoli.
Answer: They both got inspired! H.C. Andersen wrote the fairy tale Nightingale, and Walt Disney got inspiration for the first Disneyland resort
How many LEGO® bricks was used to create the LEGOLAND park in Denmark?
Answer: 60 million LEOG® bricks were used to create the LEGOLAND park in Denmark.
When the first hotdog stand was opened in Denmark?
Answer: The first hotdog stand (“Pølsevogn”) was opened January 18, 1921.

  …and get a good start with your family vacation in Denmark ♥