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Weather you are on family vacation in Denmark og living here, the guide “Eddie the Sea Dragon visits Denmark”, will take you to some of Denmarks top attractions, focusing on what is fun and educational for children.

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Title Eddie the Sea Dragon Visits Denmark
Author Helle Kayerød
Description Review of Denmark’s top attractions including the attractions of the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Age group 5 – 12 years
Pages 64
Size 6.14” x 9.21” (156 x 234 mm)
ISBN 978-87-92793-02-7
Price incl. VAT 100 kr or 14 €

  • A tour guide for children and their families
  • Get to know Denmark’s top attractions
  • Find fun and educational facts about e.g. Bluetooth, Vikings, LEGO®, H.C. Andersen’s denture and more.

Eddie the Sea Dragon Visits Denmark

A tour guide for children and their parents

by Helle Kayerød

Eddie is a 1,000 year old Sea Dragon that loves to travel. On this trip he visits Denmark, the land of Viking ships, royal castles, fairy tales and LEGOLAND. Eddie takes you across the country and shows you some of the most interesting places for children and their parents.

Addresses and links to the attractions can be found in the back of the book, as well as addresses and brief descriptions for related points of interest.

Price incl. VAT: 100,00 DKK

Price incl. VAT: 14 €

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